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Te-Fiti Tealight Holder – Fail!

Not every tea light holder is a success. I had high hopes for this Te-Fiti inspired tea light holder, and these hopes went up in smoke, literally. I hope you can take some of the ideas and techniques I used and make something that does not fail! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!


If you have not seen the Disney movie Moana (or Vaiana in some countries), you probably have no idea why I came up with the idea of turning this into a tea light holder. Then again, you might know the movie well and still never think of it as tea light holder inspiring material. Either way, I do not want to spoil the movie for you, just know what you should watch it. Disney is definitely better at getting their female role models straight.

In the movie, you can see a spiral similar to the one I cut from the plywood, pretty much at the beginning of the story. There was green light involved, and this was the kind of idea that just begged to be made and did not receive too much consideration. Which is probably why it failed.

I have used this brand of plastic before, and if you are interested in trying it yourself – it is easy to use, and what happened in this project was my own fault – you can use this affiliate link – Transparent Beads – and support me without extra cost to you! I should add, though, that I could not find the product I used on, so I did some research and found that you can use these beads just as well.

Thanks for reading, and remember to be Inspired! Also, check out my other tea light holder designs!


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