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Mass Ornaments on the Table Saw

You can never have enough Christmas decoration, right? There is a technique called “Reifendrehen” that involves a lathe, but you can use the basic principle to make a bunch of similar pieces on your table saw as well to produce mass ornaments. Watch the video to see how it works, and read on for some […]

Lathe Shavings – Gotta Catch Them All! (Fail?)

Dust collection is a big topic in the shop these days, and so it should be. But some tools do not play well with a dust collector, and the lathe is on the top of that list with all those pesky shavings flying this way and that. So I came up with a solution that […]

Air Blow Gun Holder – Quick & Dirty

An air blower gun paired with a compressor in your shop is a great way to remove dust and debris, be it from a workpiece or a workbench. But while the looped hoses that are available offer some advantages, mostly in terms of reach, tidyness is not one of them. Fix that with a simple […]

Clutter or Thoughts on my workshop (blog 3)

I recently did my first shop tour, and since then I have been working to improve on the clutter I have shown you. And apparently, making the video has really shown me where to dig in, because it forced me to look at the shop the way others might see it – as “What’s that heap […]

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