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Oracles, Predictions & A Fluted Fail

If you are having trouble seeing the future, then the Rauhn√§chte are the time for you to change that. There are too many methods to actually list, but I have the most important ones for you in this video. Yes, the accompanying project was a fail, but there was no way I could have seen that coming… Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Fail – “homemade” spray lacquer

In another fail video I try to “make” spray lacquer. Let me explain why. I have a can of water-based lacquer, and it said that it could be sprayed, but only “airless”. I have a very basic hvlp that I seldom use, but of course that would be using air. So I thought about using a pump spray, one of the kind where you press down the top or squeeze on a lever in order to produce a fine mist, say to moisturize plants.

So I found a small pump spray in my junk repository – samples of some hair product if I remember correctly – and started to experiment.

Oh, I should mention that while I encourage others to learn from my mistakes, I do not feel obligated to show them all. Like when I tried to get water-based lacquer and paint thinner to mix by using a straw and… yes, blow air into the bottle. I will not make excuses for that, because I do not have any.

Anyway, here it is: