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Reuse Bandsaw Blades – Clean Dirt off Wax

It is my experience that bandsaw blades are meant to break – and like any other consumable they most definitly are. Here I use some old blades to make a device that will hopefully help me remove the dirt and crud that gathers at the bottom of beeswax in order to clean it up. Enjoy, and […]

Bandsaw Tulip – Extended Edition

  A set of extra leaves for your bandsaw tulips! Template:’s_cut.pdf   You might have noticed that I have changed the name of this video. It was called “Director’s Cut” before, but I was afraid that people would take that to mean that it is just a different version of the first video and […]

Bandsaw-Tulips – Spring Decoration

  Make wooden tulips as decoration pieces with your bandsaw. Template: Inspirations: Tim Sway – Steve Carmichael –

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