Pallet horn from reclaimed boards

Make a pallet horn from reclaimed boards, one that you can actually play. Well, at least one note, but that is perfect for a call to war – or at least supper. The sound it makes is determined by both the length and the shape, so every one made will be unique. Still, it is a fun project, not only making an instrument yourself but also making one that is not a common one.

As you saw in the video, I have a “real” horn to compare it to, and I think it provides the better sound – mainly because it makes a deeper sound. It would be interresting to compare it to one of similar make but with more layers. The main constraint to this way of making one is the range of holemakers you have – there is probably no simple way to drill a 20cm/4″-hole with a drill press attachment.

An alternative might be to employ the band saw for it. Obviously one would have to cut through the ring with it, but the gap could afterwards be glued up if you saw through the long grain. Sawing through the end grain would provide a less stable glue bond, but in a layered glue-up like this that would not really be a problem either.

It might also be possible – although more work to accomplish – to do the whole thing on a scroll saw. More work because it would probably require thinner material than could be sawn on the bandsaw, but if using a scroll saw with a tilting table it might be able to actually cut the cone required for the transition from one radius to another with little to no sanding in the end.

So always, thanks for reading, and for watching! And if you make a horn let me know!

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