Check out these other Makers!

Here is a list of other makers that I can recommend, but with the maker community growing as it is, this list can never hope to be comprehensive. Consider it a starting point. Check out their content and share the love by sharing what you enjoy! (Let them know I sent you, too!)

And check out Javi’s site – you can find a host of other makers and creative people on there as well!

Makers to watch (YouTube)

(I have added their homepages as well, just in case you want to learn more and find them on other social media. By following and sharing their work, you are helping out the whole community!)

Woodworking for Mere Mortals

The Wood Whisperer

Tim Sway

Izzy Swan

NV Woodworks

Braxton Wirthlin

Carl Jacobson


Laura Kampf

Get Hands Dirty

I like to Make Stuff

Make Something

Jimmy DiResta

William Lutes


Phil Pinsky


Cactus Workshop

Frank Howarth

Jack Houweling



Makers to listen to (Podcasts)

Get your dose of maker stuff for your ears, in the shop, in the garden or during your commute.

Reclaimed Audio

Making It

Maker’s Hustle

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