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Oracles, Predictions & A Fluted Fail

If you are having trouble seeing the future, then the Rauhnächte are the time for you to change that. There are too many methods to actually list, but I have the most important ones for you in this video. Yes, the accompanying project was a fail, but there was no way I could have seen […]

The Wild Hunt & A Thematic Manometer

The Wild Hunt roams again, spreading fear and terror in the skies and below during the Rauhnächte. In this installment of the Rauhnacht-Series I will introduce you to Odin and his merry band of misfits. Enjoy, and also check out the rest of the Rauhnacht-Series. And remember to be Inspired!

Introduction to the Rauhnacht-Series

I am working on a series about a set of local traditions and stories, commonly referred to as “Rauhnächte”. In this introduction I will give you an overview of what to expect in the coming four videos. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Mass Ornaments on the Table Saw

You can never have enough Christmas decoration, right? There is a technique called “Reifendrehen” that involves a lathe, but you can use the basic principle to make a bunch of similar pieces on your table saw as well to produce mass ornaments. Watch the video to see how it works, and read on for some […]

The Scrap Tree – Christmas Ornament

It is that time of the year again – I have too much scrap wood. To make Christmas a good excuse to get rid of some, I give you the Scrap Tree – and a present for you that you will have to can make yourself! Find the template for it here! Enjoy, and remember […]

Reuse Bandsaw Blades – Clean Dirt off Wax

It is my experience that bandsaw blades are meant to break – and like any other consumable they most definitly are. Here I use some old blades to make a device that will hopefully help me remove the dirt and crud that gathers at the bottom of beeswax in order to clean it up. Enjoy, and […]

Pay it Forward!

“It is so important to give back” is a common theme in thriving communities, and I believe that the woodworking community is one of those. In that spirit, you will find a list of tools and general workshop stuff in this post that I found I do not need anymore.

Cast in Style – A Wand from the Seventies!

There is something magic about magic, and there is something weirdly relaxing about the Seventies, at least for those of us who have not actually lived there. Let me know what you think about this wand, and what the wizard (or witch) that used it would have looked like! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

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