Pay it Forward!

“It is so important to give back” is a common theme in thriving communities, and I believe that the woodworking community is one of those. In that spirit, you will find a list of tools and general workshop stuff in this post that I found I do not need anymore.

I do not want to simply throw it away for obvious reasons. For starters, the tools are still in working conditions. Used, mind you, but not damaged or wrecked either. A poor addition to any landfill. Sellling them would be another option, and a better one as far as I am concerned, but it is not easy to do these days, and it costs time.

So I want to go with the third option – passing them along. This sentiment is commonly referred to as #PayItForward, and it is similar to selling in the sense that you extract value from the goods you sell – value in terms of making someone else happy.

If possible, I would like to break even on this, meaning I would appreciate it if you paid for shipping. If you want to pay more for something then that would be alright (and much appreciated), too. Just get in touch (via email, dominic at and we can work something out.


The Goods

Since I have to do this in English as well as in German, I will keep the descriptions short and ask you to search for the specs if you are interested.

  • HVLP spray system with turbine – the Wagner W 550. Comes in a set with two heads, two cans and a special head for radiators, all in a sleek black case.
  • A pocket hole set from Wolfcraft called an Undercover Jig, similar to the more well known blue one.
  • A small lathe from Proxxon, the Micro Woodturning Lathe DB 250. It is too small for anything that I want to turn these days, more geared to spindle turning and, I think, modelmaking.
  • Another one from Proxxon is the Micro Compressor MK 240 with Airbrush AB 100. Airbrush sounded nice but I never got the hang of it, especially switching colors kept annoying me – although that is the kind of thing that I generally do not enjoy, and not specific to that tool.
  • A workbench top by Wolfcraft. Apparently they do not make this anymore, but searching for “Wolfcraft 6162” did the trick for me. This stems from the days where I had a smaller shop (different room), and this looked like a nice addition to my then-workbench. Suffice to say that it did not go well with my general set-up, so maybe someone else can make better use of it.
  • Last but probably not least, a Bosch Xeo, marketed as a mini circular sawfor thin stuff like cardboard, leather, linoleum and the likes.


The Bads

Well, not actually bad, but it fit the first headline. If you have checked out any of those items above and want one (or more) of them simply contact me via dominic (at) so we can work something out. It really is as easy as that!


And the Uglies

Sorry, nothing here. I just felt I had to include them to make the previous headlines seem more complete.

Thanks for checking out this post, please share, and remember to be Inspired!

Unlock (Almost) any Door – with the Skeleton Key [from Skyrim]

In the vein of many a video game inspired project (which reminds me to upload the “What have I done” on that subject), I give you the Skeleton Key, an item from Skyrim that served as an arcane master key. I have not quite gotten it to work yet, but I believe I am almost there… Watch how I made it and share it if you liked it! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Lidded Box featuring a Hidden Feature!

This project started out as me turning a lidded box for this colorful indian spice mix that is supposed to help your digestion. It did help my turning skills, and to help whoever uses it to their helping I added a hidden feature to the central spire. Let me tell you, it has been hard resisting to make this any more clickbaity than it already is. Please share this project, enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Lathe Shavings – Gotta Catch Them All! (Fail?)

Dust collection is a big topic in the shop these days, and so it should be. But some tools do not play well with a dust collector, and the lathe is on the top of that list with all those pesky shavings flying this way and that. So I came up with a solution that did not quite live up to my expectations, but even though I stopped using it, I give you – the lathe shroud. Let me know if you find some use for this in your shop! And as always, remember to be Inspired!

Air Blow Gun Holder – Quick & Dirty

An air blower gun paired with a compressor in your shop is a great way to remove dust and debris, be it from a workpiece or a workbench. But while the looped hoses that are available offer some advantages, mostly in terms of reach, tidyness is not one of them. Fix that with a simple holder that allows you to put the loops in their place. And on top of that this can be made from scraps and in very little time. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

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Plants vs. Zombies inspired Garden Gnomes

You probably know that I love the Plants vs. Zombies games, and so it might not come as a surprise that I wanted to make something based on them. After a long wait, the time has finally come – garden gnomes that are also plants! And not gnomes at all. Let me know what you think! Also, please share it with anyone you know who has a Zombie infestation in their back yard. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Traffic Awareness Standee

Want to get rid of some old boards while making the world a better place? Make a traffic awareness standee to remind drivers to watch out for playing kids. Also, I made this in collaboration with Skil Tools, using the Combisaw in exchange for the tool. Let me know what you think, enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!