Coin Flask – piggy bank on the lathe

coin flask

I made this coin flask for a friend – and in a hurry. I hope it does not show on the finished product, but there are a couple of things that I would have done differently if I had thought I had more time. Thing is, without that deadline I might not have ever started this project. Let me know what you think, and remember to Be Inspired!


#01 – Finally, an old idea!

Nothing is as it used to be, right? This certainly applies to businesses, and the landscape is constantly changing. For a couple of years, I have been trying to “make my way” in this landscape, to what I would consider moderate success – although things have happened in ways that I could never foresee, I was never really happy with my “business model”. I do not want to go into that right now – there are some issues that I think I will share in the future, hoping that they might help you along your own way. But finally, I think I found a recipe for success.

I have done and tried many things. What started out as Dominic’s Woodworks was not my only endeavor. I made paper models for roleplaying games even before that, and the basis for what is actually a food blog is older than either venture. But I went about it all wrong, sinking time and even money into things that did not take off. And it was for lack of trying. But more on those and how I anticipate to integrate them into what I do now later.

What changes? I got my hands on “Rise of the Youpreneur” by Chris Ducker (this is an affiliate link. I will get a small compensation if you buy anything going through that link). It basically outlines what is these days known as a “personal brand”. And while I am not even halfway through the book, the idea clicked.

Finally, this is me

It makes sense. I have many interests, and they might not seem obvious at first glance. But if you are interested in what I have done thus far, you might be into what I do in the future. You might even be into those side projects that I want to revive at some point. And this is what you will get – me. If you are curious, check out the “about me” section of my homepage for a few random facts.

I will go into what all that means later, but that is the first thing that I will be doing going forward:


I remember when I started this page I actually wrote a blog post. And that was it. I believe that now I have a better grasp on what I am doing. That gross misconception will probably be the topic of more than one post in the future, but for now, I will be blogging again.

And just like on YouTube, there will be no schedule. Even though the proverbial everybody tells you that consistency is king these days, it is not worth stressing out over the way I have time and again in the past, only to fall behind again. This way – without time-based commitments – I will never be behind but still able to serve you with my experience whenever I need and want to.

Live Streaming

In addition to that, I think I am finally in a position where I can live stream again. That is a whole other journey I will take you on at some point, but suffice to say that after months of work I finally feel up to doing live streams from my shop again.

I did a lot of those a while back, more than a year, and things worked out but not quite. I will be doing those also without a schedule, and on my second channel – which I will add here when the time is ripe. I mean, right. If you see this before the link was added make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you do not miss it!

Where you come in!

The idea behind all of this is that I want to inspire you. I want to do that in all things that I do, with successes as well as failures (which, some might say, increases my potential tenfold). I want you to follow me because you want to see what I do, learn from it and hopefully copy it in some inspired way or another. And to do that I need your help.

I value your feedback on anything I do. More to the point, I need it in order to serve you better. Let me know what you think here in the comments on this blog, in the comment section on YouTube, on Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook. And if you think that I made something funny, interesting and inspiring, please share it with your friends and followers so that they can enjoy it, too.

Thanks for checking out my first new blog post! Until next time,

Be Inspired

Peanut-bowl from Cloth

Peanut bowl

In this video, I use a technique that is for all I can tell ancient to make a peanut bowl – in the shape of a peanut! There are certainly other ways to do that, but few are as simple or as versatile than what I show you. Also, let’s not forget the elephant in the room…

If you want more information, check out the Instructable that I wrote.

Please share this, and as always, remember to Be Inspired!


Make your own Googly Eyes!

Googly eyes galore!

Googly eyes are a great way to make things fun, cute or at least whimsical. There are several ways to make your own, and in this video, I show you how to do just that. There is something for every size and shape, so go right ahead and make your own and send me pictures of how cute your tools can look!

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“Forge” a Plastic Knife

A plastic knife modelling in front of a buttered bun.

When I recently tested a blacksmithing technique on a piece of plastic cutting board. I had the idea to tick something else off my list. Something that had been on there for ages. I wanted to make a knife. And what better way to do that than fake blacksmithing? Well, yes, there are better methods, but I challenge you to tell me that they would be more fun!

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Simple Boom Arm for your Equipment

This boom arm is a great addition to any shop! It is easy to make from scrap pieces, preferably plywood (but you can get away with virtually any kind of wood if you adapt the dimensions a little). Have things within reach without cluttering up your workspace with stands or such.

Let me know what you think, and remember to share – and to be Inspired!


Chaos Vase inspired by Kyle

If you have not seen the Chaos Vase that Kyle Toth made (as his 98th vase, no less), you should probably wait with it until after you watched my video making very roughly the same thing. Just with less awesome to it. My wife subtly expressed her liking for this piece, so it was more than obvious what I had to make for her. But apart from the whole “happy wife, happy life” thing, I learned a lot making this – and I hope you can, too!

Remember to be Inspired, and if you are, please share this post!


The Diced Rod, a blacksmithing technique in plastic

I saw this diced rod (which is what I call it, there might be another term for this style of decoration) at a local blacksmith’s workshop and had the opportunity to ask how it was made. Unlike what I made in this video, it was not all that obvious. But since I am not set up as a blacksmith – at least not yet – I decided to give it a try in another way – using plastic from an old cutting board.

Please share & enjoy, and as always, remember to be Inspired!


Whiteboard, upcycled, in four ways


A Whiteboard is a cool thing to have around. They offer the permanence of paper notetaking with a glimpse of the versatility found on digital devices. From shopping lists to planning your week, a whiteboard always comes in handy. Here I show you how you can easily make your own out of old glass fridge shelves. Please share this with your friends, and remember to be Inspired!


Turned Christmas Tree Tealight Holder

Christmas is a great time for making things. So what better reason to introduce my oldest daughter to the lathe in this newest Adventure in the Workshop? She makes a Christmas Tree Tealight Holder from walnut. Her patience for sanding is not the best, but as she says, this way you know you made it yourself.

Please enjoy and share! And as always, remember to be Inspired!


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