Disclaimer – Please read!

This is one of those things you usually click away, but you really should not, but this is about your safety – and, yes, covering my behind, which I have grown quite attached to.

So, first, I am by no means a professional, at least not in any professional sense. Speaking of sense, common sense should always come first, even if I tell you otherwise, which I will not do. If you feel uncomfortable with anything I do in my videos, then do not do it!  If you see me do something that you think is dangerous, do not do it.

And if you, on the other hand, see me do something that you do not think is dangerous, think about it before you do it yourself. Maybe I missed something and, yes, maybe you missed something, too. Always consider your options and make sure than if you do something, you do so because you think it is a good and safe idea to do so.


In addition, my videos are meant for entertainment purpose, and not as an education. While I aim to inspire, that means that I do not take any responsibility for your actions and I am not liable for and and all damages that might occur.

With that out of the way, enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

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