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Table Saw – Tool Basics

The table saw is the centerpiece of most woodworking shops, at least in the opinion of many table saw owners. There are many things you can do with it, and if you are doing furniture on a regular basis there is probably no reasonable way to avoid getting one. Welcome to the second article in […]

Tool Basics – If I had the tools…

Welcome to Tool Basics, the series about what your tools can do – and what you can do with your tools. If you watch some of the more prominent makers doing their thing on YouTube (or elsewhere for that matter), you are bound to find comments along the lines of “I could do that if […]

Storage Boxes from Scrap – Quick & Dirty

Today I share with you a technique to make multi-compartment trays or even shadow boxes from scrap pieces. With a slight modification, you can also make single storage boxes in large numbers for all your shop organization needs. And if you go that extra mile, you can turn what starts out as a shop project […]

Air Blow Gun Holder – Quick & Dirty

An air blower gun paired with a compressor in your shop is a great way to remove dust and debris, be it from a workpiece or a workbench. But while the looped hoses that are available offer some advantages, mostly in terms of reach, tidyness is not one of them. Fix that with a simple […]

Paint Fake Grain – With an old Gimmick

Ever thought, this piece could do with a bit more grain? Or, why is there no tree with a lilac-green grain pattern? Fear not, for there is a way! And yes, this is another quick video, but rest assured, more involved builds are coming up, as well as other fun stuff. Enjoy, and remember to […]

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