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“Forge” a Plastic Knife

When I recently tested a blacksmithing technique on a piece of plastic cutting board. I had the idea to tick something else off my list. Something that had been on there for ages. I wanted to make a knife. And what better way to do that than fake blacksmithing? Well, yes, there are better methods, but I challenge you to tell me that they would be more fun!

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Fidget Spinners are EVIL!

Disclaimer: if you are taking this (or fidget spinners in general) too serious, you might need one of those alternative spinners to relax.

I cannot stress how important this video is! Everyone needs to see this, for whatever reason! Spread the word so that everyone knows about this subtle erosion of morale and merit in our society! And remember not to be spinning a fidget spinner!

Why Fidget Spinners are Evil!

Would you rather hop on a treadmil or walk around outside? It is not a perfect example, because it might be pouring outside, or the treadmil could be squealing. Or the treadmil could be standing outside, allowing you to enjoy nature anyway. But I digress.

Would you rather watch a documentary about volcanoes, or hike up the steaming path up to the crater, where the last thing you see is lava coming up at you, and all you can think before you evaporate is “good thing I brought the ring”? Not the perfect example either, but it illustrates a point. Somewhat.

I guess what I am trying to say is that fidget spinners are simply going too fast. Yes, I know, it can be fun. But have you ever held one against the tip of your nose while it is spinning fast? That is the definition if a mildly-uncomfortable-yet-intriguing sensation if ever I saw one, and there is no telling where it might end.

It all boils down to this: if it was easy to proove to you that fidget spinners are evil, then everyone would do it.


The somewhat preferrable Alternative

The spinner I made skips all the devilish traits of those fidget spinners, and gives you a true sense of accomplishment. I encourage you to get into microprocessors and other modern stuff in order to make one that actually tells you how many miles you have walked on it, but believe me, the plain old wooden version does the trick just as well.

Of course you can make this with a little more effort and attention to detail, like sanding or finishing. Just like fidget spinners, you can make this look any way you please, and if you do, you will know that you deserve it. You deserve the satisfaction that this kind of spinner will bring, unlike the empty, hollow feeling that a fidget spinner leaves behind in your very soul.


Want more Weird in your life?

Check out my other weird projects or videos. Some of them are okay, I guess, but you have been warned, though. Actually, chances are that you wanted to see them, which is okay, too.

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Make your own Festool – kinda!

Just in case this is not obvious from the start, this is not my most serious video – if there is such a thing. Still, I do believe that it is not only worth watching, but also provides valuable input for the ongoing debate about tool brands and prices. I have never actually worked with (or even held) a Festool, so the feeling after making this project was especially gratifying. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Demons and Tealights – A Halloween Tale

I had a visitor in my shop! This is not a project, but my Halloween video that I am sure you will find entertaining. My video editing and equipment is not quite up to specs in some portions of this, but I think considering that I have never done anything like it it turned out qatchable enough. Still, if you want to make any comments about that, find out how at the beginning of the video! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

The Wikkit Gate from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Caution, may contain Pathos)

In this video I build a small piece of decoration based on the famed Wikkit Gate from the third book of the Hitchhiker cycle. If you do not know the Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by the late Douglas Adams then, in my opinion, you are really missing out on some of the most refined fun to be had when reading what probably passes as science fiction. Either way, I hope you enjoy this one, because I have had loads of fun editing it for all the pathos it contains. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired. And Don’t Panic!

The Woodhenge Speech – 2×4 Competition Trash Talk

Talking trash is kind of a staple of 2×4 entertainment for as long as maybe a year or so. It is all about psychology, about convincing others – and yourself – that there is no need for them to bother joining the contest, because you and you alone can win this thing. With sheer willpower if need be. So this is my addition to this tradition. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

The 2014 Christmas Song (You have been Warned!)

There is not much to say about this one. I just had to do this. I wish I had gotten around to it sooner, because now I had to rush things a little. But that that means my next songs will be even better, right? And if that does not scare you, then nothing will. Merry Christmas, and remember to be Inspired!