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You know I want to inspire you, but entertaining you is a close second on my list. And sometimes, an idea turns into something less like a project and more like something… else. Weird stuff in the best possible sense, of course.

Some of these videos started as projects that took a twist for the worse, while others were hatches as an entertaining piece without any project attached to it from the start.

Check them out and let me know what you think about the weird stuff!

Fidget Spinners are EVIL!

Disclaimer: if you are taking this (or fidget spinners in general) too serious, you might need one of those alternative spinners to relax. I cannot stress how important this video is! Everyone needs to see this, for whatever reason! Spread the word so that everyone knows about this subtle erosion of morale and merit in […]

Make your own Festool – kinda!

Just in case this is not obvious from the start, this is not my most serious video – if there is such a thing. Still, I do believe that it is not only worth watching, but also provides valuable input for the ongoing debate about tool brands and prices. I have never actually worked with […]

Demons and Tealights – A Halloween Tale

I had a visitor in my shop! This is not a project, but my Halloween video that I am sure you will find entertaining. My video editing and equipment is not quite up to specs in some portions of this, but I think considering that I have never done anything like it it turned out qatchable enough. […]

The Cerebral Kraken – A Halloween Headpiece

These little critters have been going around lately, but speaking from experience, I hardly noticed when it had eaten my brain. Quite liberating, in fact. And with the free templates, you can now make one of your own! Happy Halloween, enjoy, and remember to be Inspired! You can find the free templates on the Template […]

2×4 contest – Tooby and I

Hopefully my last installment of the time-honed tradition of 2×4 contest trash talk, I am hashing out some artistic differences with my fellow 2×4, Tooby. I hope this will be the last you see of me doing something other than actually woodworking, not only because I need to recuperate from this first. So unless I am […]

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