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Sticker Update 04/2017

I have neglected these updates for a while, but now, with my new and improved sticker backdrop, I finally feel “back in the game”, at least somewhat. Please share this, and remember to be Inspired!

The Blood Quill – A Roleplaying Effect

This is somewhat in line with my What-have-I-done-videos, in the sense that this is about showing you something I made a while back, but I decided to spice it up with some general goofyness. I hope you like it – please let me know what you think! And as always, remember to be Inspired!

Review: Skil Combisaw 4600 AE

Skil approached me and asked whether I would test their Combisaw. I agreed and did a project with it, which I encourage you to check out here. In this video, I give you my thoughts and a few opinions on the tool in question. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Traffic Awareness Standee

Want to get rid of some old boards while making the world a better place? Make a traffic awareness standee to remind drivers to watch out for playing kids. Also, I made this in collaboration with Skil Tools, using the Combisaw in exchange for the tool. Let me know what you think, enjoy, and remember […]

Paint Fake Grain – With an old Gimmick

Ever thought, this piece could do with a bit more grain? Or, why is there no tree with a lilac-green grain pattern? Fear not, for there is a way! And yes, this is another quick video, but rest assured, more involved builds are coming up, as well as other fun stuff. Enjoy, and remember to […]

Weaving Wood – Trivets, Wall Art & more!

Finally a new project – which actually is an old project. I made this a year ago, and only now got around to editing it. I hope you can use these ideas to make something creative for your home, and, possibly, from your scraps! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

This sucks… – Shoptalk 04/2016

The past weeks have been strangely slow for my, and I could not point out a single reason for that, despite me quoting the deadly man flu way too often. I want to get back into the game, and I hope to be able to tell you about it soon! Enjoy, and remember to be […]

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