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Why so Quiet? Shoptalk 01/2017

I have been rather quiet for the last weeks, and I wanted to let you all in on why. Also, I am planning a change regarding Shoptalks – something I have struggles with for the last two years, first making too many and then not enough. So, enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Pay it Forward!

“It is so important to give back” is a common theme in thriving communities, and I believe that the woodworking community is one of those. In that spirit, you will find a list of tools and general workshop stuff in this post that I found I do not need anymore.

Shoptalk 01 – Wall of tools and thoughts on my channel

With having the 2×4 contest entry finished recently I went back to organizing and realized that I got stuck – stuck in a spiral of organisation projects that led from one to another and prevented me from tackling any “real” project, i.e. a project for other reasons than making other projects more easily possible.

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