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Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes you have a problem that needs solving. Sometimes you see something quite unrelated and get inspired.
And sometimes you find something in a game, a movie or a book that you want to make, one way or another. This is where you will find these projects.
Keep an eye out for things like these. You do not need to actually make them, but they are a great source for new ideas and new ways to go about things.

The idea here, though, is not to copy something verbatim so to speak, but to let inspiration guide you and take artistic license or detours whenever they present themselves. If the end result looks like the original, then that is probably a good thing. If you can manage to make it awesome in some way, then even better.

And if you do, do not forget to take a picture and send it to me!

Tintin Rocket LED Lamp – Fly me to the Moon!

If you ever read the Tintin story “Destination Moon”, chances are that the iconic rocket design with its slender curves and the bright colors stuck in your mind just like it did for me. When it was time to make a LED-based project for a challenge (hosted by HolzwurmTom), I decided to pay homage to […]

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