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Here, you can find anything that has not yet found a home elsewhere – the general stuff!

Be Inspired!

Welcome to Be Inspired with Dominic, a.k.a. Dominic’s Woodworks. This site is meant to inspire you to go out into your workshop, set up a shop or get some basic tools and work on your kitchen table (I know I have in the past). Have a look around! Check out my Tea Light Holders and […]

Review: Skil Combisaw 4600 AE

Skil approached me and asked whether I would test their Combisaw. I agreed and did a project with it, which I encourage you to check out here. In this video, I give you my thoughts and a few opinions on the tool in question. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Make a Swedish Torch! Beam Lantern Fail

When making the beam lanterns my first idea was to use a large drill to hog out material to create the opening that the finished lantern has. As it turned out, it did not work as planned – the sheer amount of wood you need to turn into sawdust alone made this idea pretty much […]

Yet another Lawnmowing Video…

There has been a new trend in the woodworking community, with guys like Matthias Wandel, David Picciuto and Jimmy DiResta mowing their lawns – and sharing the experience on YouTube. Of course, as bandwagons go, I had to jump aboard with my own take on the subject. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

New Kitty Trough – Introducing Paw-L

Maybe some of you will remember the Cat Food Station, a project where I think I learned quite a lot, mainly by making many involuntary design changes, also known as errors. The cats recently started to sabotage my well-designed contraption, so I try to remedy that with a new dry-food trough. Enjoy, and remember to […]

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