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The Dice-Thing – Plastic-Forging-Experiment

I saw this dice-like style of decoration at a blacksmith’s workshop and had the opportunity to ask how it was made. Unlike what I made in this video, it was not all that obvious. But since I am not set up as a blacksmith – at least not yet – I decided to give it a try in another way – using plastic from an old cutting board.

Please share & enjoy, and as always, remember to be Inspired!

Be Inspired!

Welcome to Be Inspired with Dominic, a.k.a. Dominic’s Woodworks. This site is meant to inspire you to go out into your workshop, set up a shop or get some basic tools and work on your kitchen table (I know I have in the past).

Have a look around! Check out my Tea Light Holders and the Magic Wands, but also the Workshop Projects and the Weird Stuff. If there is anything you like, please let me know and subscribe to my newsletter on the right to stay up to date!

And as always, remember to be Inspired!

The Stormlantern – Old-School Kerosene Lamp (Not a Project!)

This is not a project video, but a presentation of something that I think is really cool and adventury (is that even a word?) – a storm lantern, kerosene-powered. What I am showing you is a Petromax 500 CP which I recently got hold of. This video cannot convey how cool this is in real life, but that does not stop me from trying. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Make a Swedish Torch! Beam Lantern Fail

When making the beam lanterns my first idea was to use a large drill to hog out material to create the opening that the finished lantern has. As it turned out, it did not work as planned – the sheer amount of wood you need to turn into sawdust alone made this idea pretty much a nonstarter. It did end up with a kind of a smily face, though, so I decided to take pity and put it to good use. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

This is, after the original Beam Lanterns and the video on fire danger the third one in what I have chosen to call the Beam Cycle. And as with every successful series you might ask “will there be sequels?” Well, who knows…

Easy Water Slide Upgrade – Simple Summer Project

Finally, we got something akin to summer around here, and of course, people start complaining about the heat. Kids usually show a little more appreciation for being able to play outside in the sun, but when it comes to their hot slides, they will complain like anyone else, and, in most cases, they should. Here is how you can help them, and even yourself (given you fit the slide) to some refreshing fun – with a water slide! Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Self-lowering Door-Seal – Save on Heating Costs!

Depending on where you live there might come a time when things cool down to the point where it is freezing outside. But in order to get outside, you need a hole in your four walls, which is commonly referred to as a door. But in order to open, most of these doors do not fit as tightly as any warm-blooded heating-bill-payer would wish for during the winter months. Here is one way to remedy that. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!