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Category: Challenge Tree 2016

Challenge Tree 2016 – The Final Results!

It has taken me way longer than expected to wrap the Challenge Tree up and get the drawing going, but I have to firmly believe that it was worth the wait. Thanks again to all those who participated and inspired, and of course also to the sponsors whose prizes might not make this possible as such but sure make it a lot more fun to to.

If you happen to be a winner I will get in touch with you to sort things out, and if not, there might still be next year. And I do hope that there was fun to be had this time around, too. So enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!


The Winners!

Akin to the official rules being part of this blog rather than the video in question, here is the list of winners (and their YouTube channels). Congratulations to everyone, not just those who found themselves picked, for a successful Tree Challenge!

Inventables – 50$ Gift Certificate
Make it Mazzeo

Microjig – one Grr-Ripper Push Block

Piher Clamps – a yet to be determined set of clamps
Fabian’s Tiny Workshop

Skil Power Tools – a Combisaw 4600AD (Europe only)
Kostas Annikas Deftereos

General Finishes – 4 quarts from their product lines (USA only)
Braxton Wirthlin

Easy Wood Tools – Easy Start Finisher carbide turning tool
Kyle Patrick

Spax – a sample box of screws
Mauro Il Tornitore

Centipede Tools – one Centipede Sawhorse (continental US only)
John Zhu

Oneida Air Systems – a Dust Deputy (US only)
Make Crazydays


Fellow Woodworkers!

Manhattan Wood Project – cap and cup!
Sterling Davis

NV Woodwerks . 50$ Gift Certificate for Zac’s shop (US only)!
Moy Perez Woodshop

Adventures in DIY – 25$ Gift Certificate for Home Depot (US only)!
Willmore’s World

Miter Mike’s Woodshop – An original Miter Mike’s Woodshop t-shirt!
Sascha LB

WOmadeOD (Made in Wood) – A dovetail marking gauge!
OG Timbercraft

Last Minute Prizes!

I have been meaning to add some prizes of my own to the mix, but completely forgot about it until now!

Dominic’s Woodworks T-Shirt Collection – a shirt of your choice!
Lyda Shop

Dominic’s Woodworks Specialty Item – not ready yet, for now you only get the thrill of anticipation!
Chris Martin