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Announcement! Challenge T(h)ree!

It is that time of year again – the third installment of the Challenge Tree is here! Check out the video for everything you need to know or keep reading this post for a brief (and boring) summary.

The Challenge Tree

This contest is all about inspiring you to go into your shop and make something. Or get yourself a shop. Or make something in your kitchen (without making a mess). In short, get inspired!


What you need to know

Your task is this: make something from a piece of wood that has bark on it when you start. You can leave it on or remove it later on. Also, you need to be able to carry the piece(s) yourself, so timber framing a house is not a suitable project.

You need to document the build and upload it as a video on YouTube. There are no restrictions regarding style. Even a slideshow would do, although I would encourage you to do some narration to let people know why you did what you did. The due date is April 15th, 2017.

And last but not least, send me the link to your video (I prefer email,, and Twitter, @dominicsstuff). I will then add your video to a playlist, which also means that you get your chance to win! Win what, you ask?


The Prizes!

This list is not complete yet, as I am still in contact with several sponsors, and will try to get more stuff for you to win until the end of the contest.

Company Sponsors:

Oneida Air SystemsA Flag Dust Deputy (US only)!

Inventables – A 50$ Gift Certificate!

General Finishes – 4 quarts from their product lines (US only)!


Fellow Woodworkers:

Zac from NV Woodwerks – 50$ gift card (US only)!

Willmore’s World of Wood – A pen made by Paul, laser-engraved with the winner’s name!

Manhattan Wood Project – Cap and Cup Combo!

Michael Anthony Murray – 30$ gift card and a t-shirt (as two separate prizes)!

JWAM – 50$ gift card either for or (winner’s pick)!

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